The Origin Story

IBEX’s development stretches back to the late 90’s when Harrison Consulting, Inc. was contracted by the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging to develop a ‘Plan of Care’ and billing system for their state subsidized Elderly Homecare Program. The mandate was simple: create one software application allowing 40 nurses and social workers to coordinate and supervise services to be provided in the homes of qualified elderly patients and another application responsible for billing the State of Connecticut for those services, paying the service providers, all of which would be subject to an annual state audit.

Harrison Consulting’s billing system adjudicated the invoices presented by over 120 providers in Fairfield County, CT. (based on scheduled services from the Plan of Care), converted these invoices to medical claims, submitted the claims to E.D.S. (the clearing house for the State of Connecticut) in EDI format, processed ERAs (electronic remittances), and disbursed payments to each service provider. Within the first year of rollout, the billing system was managing over $40 million.

After passing over a decade’s worth of audits, Harrison Consulting’s billing system eventually evolved into IBEX. The ‘Plan of Care’ was replaced by a state-of-the art scheduling system, faxes replaced by SMS’s and e-mails, but IBEX’s engine is a proven product.

The Origin Story of the Origin Story

What makes IBEX special is its lead developer James Souvlis, the founder of Harrison Consulting, Inc. Mr. Souvlis has a bachelors in physics, a masters in computer information science, has taught graduate level advanced software engineering at Sacred Heart, and the inspiration for IBEX was his father. James’s father was an OB/GYN, a sole practitioner. James was able to experience, first-hand, the extraordinary bureaucracy involved in maintaining a medical practice and made it a personal goal to alleviate as many of the time-consuming burdens that weigh down every sole practitioner.