IBEX Pricing

Choosing IBEX

The decision to introduce a new management system for any medical practice ultimately pivots on the integrity and transparency of the vendor, the reliability and price of their products and services, and the return on investment. Harrison Consulting, Inc. (the developer of IBEX) was incorporated in 1994 at a time when the average technology company had the lifespan of 18 months. As for the return on investment, IBEX has generated an additional $652K of revenue for our first client (please, refer to our Case Study) in its first five years (January of 2018 through year-end 2022).


IBEX’s business model is just as unique as our architecture. We feel that our responsibility begins with each appointment, ends with applying its payment to the patient, and everything in between. We are so confident in our work product that over 95% of our revenue is generated from commissions applied to our client’s receipts. By aligning our interests with those of our clients, we create a win-win relationship where the sole practitioner can focus more on quality of care while we constantly develop new and better ways to make them more productive while making their practice more profitable.

One-Time Fees

Practice Setup: $2,950
  • Harrison Consulting will establish ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) and ETF (Electronic Fund Transfer) contracts between your practice and up to 10 of your in-network and out-of-network insurance carriers.
  • Associating procedure codes authorized for the practice’s taxonomy and importing maximum contract rates for in-network insurance into IBEX.
  • Importing existing patient roster and patient balances into IBEX.
  • Establishing a HIPAA compliant mailbox and integration with the [email protected] email address.
  • Configuration of Ingenico Lane/3000 or Link/2500 card processing terminal for card-present transactions.
IBEX Desktop Installation per Device: $625
  • Requires a Windows 10/11 PC, laptop, or tablet PC with at least 16Gb RAM and 100Gb of free disk space.
  • Installation of IBEX Desktop and supporting database.
  • Includes Windows updates and virus scan and installation of TeamViewer secure remote access software.

Ongoing Fees & Charges

Monthly Subscription Fee: $63/month
  • Patient Portal (for online payments, with access to bill/claims and statements) hosting and technical support.
  • Hosting for HIPAA compliant mailbox (10Gb) for e-mail and scheduling.
  • Unlimited SMS patient reminders and 2-Factor-Authentication with text forwarding to your mobile.
IBEX Commission: 5% Revenue
  • Free and unlimited, same-day claim submissions.
  • ERA (electronic remittance advice) reconciliation.
  • Schedule integration across IBEX, M.S. Outlook, and multiple mobile devices.
  • Support for multiple locations (PCs, laptops, Tablet PCs).
  • In-Person, not-present, and online credit/debit card processing.
  • Fully encrypted IBEX Desktop data.
  • Full featured accounting and reporting directly from IBEX Desktop.
  • Fully backed-up schedule, patient notes, and accounting data which can be restored within hours of a catastrophic failure.
Merchant Gateway & Card Processing Fees
  • Interchange-Plus Processing: 25bps (0.25%) above network (MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover) interchange fee. This is much more cost effective than flat fees rates. Click Here to learn more about bank interchange fees.
  • Authorization Fee/Transaction: $0.05
  • ACH Batch Fee: $0.25 (direct deposit fee)
  • Monthly Fee: $18.50 (with PCI compliance at terminal location)
  • (optional) Wired Ingenico Lane/3000 Card Processing Terminal: $20/mo Rental or $515 for purchase. Supports chip reader, magnetic stripe reader, and NFC (touchless, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet).
  • (optional) Wireless/WIFI Ingenico Link/2500 Card Processing Terminal: $25/mo Rental or $575 for purchase. Supports chip reader, magnetic stripe reader, and NFC (touchless, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet).