The IBEX Service

What Makes Us Different

What sets IBEX apart from every other product and service on the market is that our solution has been developed specifically for the sole practitioner with the singular goal of eliminating as much unnecessary work as possible, not the least of which is medical billing. Other practice management systems require the user to assume all the responsibilities and tasks of a medical practice (using either software designed for large practices or a cumbersome website), IBEX is something completely different.

IBEX employs an architecture called ‘Edge Computing’. Copies of the practice’s data resides both on the practitioner’s laptop/tablet PC and on our HIPAA & PCI compliant, on-site servers. Each time the practitioner starts or closes the IBEX Desktop application on their device, data is synchronized between our locations.

Our model, allows for an organic ‘split‘ of responsibilities, allowing for the practitioner to maintain just the data which they are privy to (e.g. maintaining patient records, scheduling, assigning services to appointment/sessions, entering checks, processing in-person credit cards) while the IBEX Back Office uses our copy of the data to assume the responsibilities of medical billing, remittance advice processing, accepting online-payments, Patient SMS and e-mail reminders and notifications, etc. Simply put, new information from the practitioner updates our servers and new information on our servers cascade right back to the practitioner’s laptop/tablet PC. The end result is a well-choreographed and seamless workflow that saves tremendous time and gives a complete picture of a medical practice’s health and direction.