Scheduling for Sole Practitioners

Schedule Anywhere!

IBEX uses scheduling information as the basis for medical billing. If the schedule is accurate, then the billing is accurate, and IBEX Desktop makes maintaining an accurate and current appointment calendar both easy and intuitive. However, people don’t bring their laptops with them wherever they go. So, our development team asked -
Why not connect IBEX's patient roster and appointment schedule to a mobile phone’s Contacts and Calendar apps and make use of the fact most people always have their mobile phone nearby?

IBEX Desktop Scheduler

With IBEX, a sole practitioner can call their patient without ever entering the patient’s information into their phone AND they can review, create, and change appointments while “On The Move“. The added bonus is that IBEX can use the real-time appointment schedules to automatically send appointment reminders to patients via SMS and e-Mail.

IBEX Mobile Schedule

Of course, accomplishing this required that we setup our own mail service (like a Google.Com or Outlook.Com) which any iPhone, Android, and MS Outlook can access. As this is a fully featured and HIPAA complaint mail service, we went a step beyond Contacts and Calendar and host our client’s e-mails as well allowing our clients to send and receive mails from their existing [email protected] e-mail addresses.

  • An accurate schedule used for billing
  • Automatically updating a mobile phone’s contacts to include patients
  • Automatic appointment synchronization between IBEX and just about any phone’s native calendar
  • Automatically sent appointment reminders
  • E-Mail hosting for [email protected] e-mail addresses

By any metric, our scheduling system isn’t just a convenient time-saver but it also goes a long way toward eliminating billing mistakes like double billing or (worse yet) accidentally skipping a bill altogether.

Appointment Reminders

IBEX makes further use of a practice’s appointment calendar by sending automated appointment reminders to patients via SMS and e-Mail.

Missed Appointments

Sometimes, it’s necessary to enforce a ‘Missed Appointment Policy’. IBEX gives the provider, at their discretion, the ability to bill a missed appointment directly to a patient, even when they have in-network insurance coverage.

One-Click Missed Appointment Fee